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Private Parties

  • What are the rules on cake and ice cream?
    You must have a reserved party to bring in a cake. They are not allowed outside of the party rooms at any point, sorry no exceptions.
  • Does the rink provide the place settings, cake knife, candles or extra plates?
    Yes! We provide everything for you. Just bring the kids, cake, and the presents!
  • Can we skate the entire session?
    Yes. You are more than welcome to have your guest skate the entire session that your party is booked during. Public Skating Sessions Times
  • What food is included in the package?
    With a Birthday Party Room package you get three whole 16" pizza and three pitchers of sodas. Extra pizza/soda can be ordered and cost $16 after tax with any toppings.
  • If we have a child/guest that is gluten free or has other food allergies, can we bring in food?
    Yes! We are more than happy to make exceptions for food allergies. Please let us know your guest's intentions to bring in special food. Call or contact us.

What to do on the day of your party

1. Check in at the party check in window (no more than 10 minutes early)

2. Get skate tickets from Party Host

3. Drop off any cake that needs refrigeration at the snackbar window

4. Get your skates on and start ROLLER SKATING!

5. Birthday child's name will be announced over the loud speaker at the birthday room time

6. Have all your guests in your private party room to celebrate

7. Once your party time has concluded, continue skating for the duration of scheduled session time

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