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Policies + Rules


Tickets Purchased online are discounted $1 a ticket.

Reasons:  Purchasing tickets ahead helps us staff our business more efficiently allowing us to give you an overall better experience skating with us.  This also helps us keep our cost down and your prices lower.

​Schedule changes:  We may cancel a session because of holidays, events, in-climate weather, etc.  Lesson's are subject to change as well because of scheduling conflicts with our instructor's.

Rules for session:  We also have different rules for some of our sessions so it allows us to communicate these rules to customers prior arriving at our facility.  Some Examples of different rules for session....

  • We host adults only sessions Wednesday, Friday Sunday for 18 and over only. 

  • Friday and Saturday evening session's anyone under 15 must have a an adult at least 21 years of age accompanying them at all times while at the facilty. 


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Rules:  Please Read Carefully



Upon entering the facility, I acknowledge that I have reviewed and understood El Centro Skate Rink’s Safety Rules, Dress Code, and Additional Rules, and agree to adhere to those rules. I understand if I or any guest or other member of my group violates any of these rules, I and/or my group may be asked to leave immediately without a refund.


Come out and join us during our public skating times or book your own private skate time and stay healthy and active by roller skating!  

Admission:  At this time we are only selling tickets online. Check out our "Skate Tickets" tab to purchase.  We do accept cash still in our snack bar and novelty shop.  On Friday & Saturday Evenings, everyone 15 years old & under must be  accompanied by a parent over 21 years of age.  

Refund Policy:  Tickets are refundable up to 24 hours before the scheduled event.  Any refunds given prior to 24 hrs. in advance incur a 50c processing fee. 

Food/Drink Policy: Outside food and drink is not allowed to be brought in.  Only cake can be brought with a party room reservation.

Birthday Parties: Birthday Parties are by reservation only and must take place inside of our Party Rooms.  Cake, presents balloons, place settings and table cloths cannot be used in the public seating areas, those are for customers ordering food.  We offer birthday parties Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturday and Sunday.  Private parties are offered 7 days a week but with limited availability on weekends.

We appreciate your support during these times and for over 40 years we have served this community.

Safety Rules:

  • All person’s entering this facility assume all risks regarding accident and injury.

  • NO chewing gum.

  • NO carrying children while on skates.

  • NO fast or reckless skating, no playing tag.

  • Socks must be worn with the use of rental skates.

  • NO sitting on or climbing over any of the walls around the rink.

  • Skates cannot be worn outside the building in the parking lot.

  • NO food or drinks are allowed on the skating floor.

  • NO offensive language.

  • NO running inside the rink.

  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission to individuals and groups.

  • NO bags, backpacks, or purses are allowed on the skate floor.

  • NO smoking or vaping inside the building.

Dress Code:

  • NO Hoods, bandanas, ski masks, or sunglasses are allowed in the skating center 

  • NO belly shirts, tube tops, low cut jeans, daisy dukes, backless or see-through shirt

  • NO visible underwear, pants must be worn at waist level​

  • Toe stops or toe plugs must be worn at all times(unless skates are designed without) There must be nothing protruding that may damage our floor.

  • NO gum chewing in the building

  • NO vulgar language

  • Any disrespect to our staff or other patrons may result in being excused from the property.

Personal Skates/belongings Rules for Entry:

  • Own skates MUST be clean and free of mud, stones, etc.

  • Your skates must have NO bolts protruding from skate axels

  • Toe stops and heal stops must be in good repair

  • Backpacks and bags could be checked at managements discretion before entering the building

Skating Floor Rules:

  • NO racing, tag playing, or other rough behavior

  • Parents walking on the floor with shoes on must stay two feet from the outside edge of the floor at all times. Absolutely no walking on the floor unless you are an adult assisting a child

  • The use of cell phones, iPods, and headphones are prohibited on the skating surfaces

  • Always be courteous to all of the other skaters

  • NO sitting or climbing on walls

  • NO skating in the parking lot. Please put your skates on in the skating center only.

Skate Trainer Rules:

  • Only allowed for 10 and younger

  • Beginnner's skaters only

  • No skating fast or doing tricks with the trainer. Management has the right to refuse trainers to any customer

  • Cost is $5 deposit and $1 refund when returned.

Snack Bar Rules:

  • ​Outside food and drink is not allowed to be brought in. 

  • Only cake can be brought with a party room reservation.  Cake must stay in Party rooms

  • Tables cannot be reserved. We have limited seating available and people purchasing food will take priority for seating.


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