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​-Do you charge for parents to watch?
We do not on most regular skating sessions. We’re happy you are here! For our adult sessions however, everyone must pay to enter.

(Some charitable organizations that host fundraisers will charge every person (adult or child) that is admitted.)

​-If my friends are coming to skate, do I need to pay if I’m only going to hang out?
Everyone entering on Friday and Saturday Evening sessions (with the exception of parents watching their children) must pay to enter.

​-Do you offer group rates?
Yes! Groups of 15 or more save $1 on admission. Group discount is not valid on our Sunday and Wednesday's Discounted Family Night. Must be paid for with one single payment in order to receive ground discount. Skate rental is extra. Reservations strongly recommended. We offer special rates for Licensed Day Care Providers.


​-Do you sell food?
Yes! We offers handmade Pizza, Hot Dogs, Pretzels, & Nachos. We also offer Pepsi products.
-Can I bring in food from the outside?
We do not allow outside food or drink. The only outside food/drinks we allow during our open skating session is a birthday cake and you MUST have a birthday room reservation.


​-Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes, at the Skate Shop! They can be purchased during any of our open all skate times.
-Will you donate something to my child’s school auction?
Yes! We are happy to donate products/services to non-profits. Please stop in during any of our public sessions.
Do you allow fundraisers to be hosted?
Yes! Any non-profit is eligible to do a fundraisers with us.  
Can I use my laptop and go online?
Yes, we have FREE WiFi available to all of our paying customers.


​-Do you take requests for songs?
Yes, we have a music library with over 7,000 songs. Our DJ will make every effort to get your favorite song on!
(Please note: not all music is appropriate for all open all skate times. If you ask the DJ, he or she will tell you if we can play a song.)
-What do you play on the Giant Video Screens?
During open all skate times, we play music videos, movie clips, special effect videos, and ambient images.
During Exclusive Events, we play anything you’d like: video montage, wedding video, corporate training video as well as music videos, movies, and more!


​-Can I rent the rink privately?
Yes! We offer Exclusive Events on select days of the week. Checkout our parties page for more information.
-How far in advance do I need to make party reservations?
As a rule of thumb, Open Events should be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance and Exclusive Events require at least 30 days to as much as 6 months.


​-What forms of payments do you allow?
Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.  No Checks
-Do you have an ATM?​
No.  Unfortunately we do not have an ATM on the premises.  However do accept VISA and Mastercard at the ticket office, snack bar and novelty.   Also ask our Ticket office about our cash back options.
-Can I pay with a check?
Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.


​-What size skates do you rent?
Regular Skates: Juvenile size 6 to adult size 16.  

Inline Skates: Juvenile size 10 to adult size 15.

Speed quads: Size 3 to 13.
-Can I bring my own skates?
Yes. We allow all kinds of regular roller skates and inline skates. Your own skates must be safe and clean.
-Can I wear my Heelys?
Sorry, because Heelys do not have wheels in the front and back and are not intended for “roller skating” they are not permitted.
-Do you sell skates and equipment?
Yes! The Skate Shop is loaded with the latest skates, candy, novelty toys, and glow products.


​-What goes on during Open All Skate Times?
Most open all skate times are set-up with a variety of special skates: All-Skate, Backwards, Couples. During daytime and family-oriented open skate times, we also do the Hokey Pokey, the Limbo, Fast Skate and races, and other games with prizes.

-If my child doesn’t skate well, can I walk on the floor to assist him/her?
During open skate times, we allow parents to enter the skating floor with shoes on to help their children skate but they must stay within 2 feet of the wall.  During the afternoon sessions we also rent Skate Trainers that beginning skaters can use to help them gain their balance. Skate Trainers are available for rental at the Skate Shop. We do not allow parents to walk on the floor during Friday or Saturday evening sessions. 

-Where can I get skating lessons for myself or my child?
We have world class coaches. Check out our lessons page here.

​Arcade Room
Check out our brand new arcade and redemption center with Air Hockey, Basketball, Foos Ball, Pac man, Pin Ball, and all your favorite arcade games.  Win tickets and earn fabulous prizes from our Stuff Shop!

​Do the games take quarters or tokens?
Our arcade accepts tokens only.

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